Why You Should Choose Home Health Care for Your Elderly Parent

Many working Americans are juggling the responsibilities of raising their own families as well as caring for their aging parents. For those struggling to give their aging parents the elderly care they deserve, professional home health care services may be the answer they’re looking for.

Home Health Care Encourages Mobility

Using home health care instead of putting your elderly parent into a nursing home has health benefits for your parent. In nursing homes, residents are highly susceptible to accidental falls. Therefore, nursing homes often encourage their residents to use a wheelchair all the time. Although your elderly parent may be completely capable of walking, they’ll spend all their time barely walking in their nursing home. This will diminish the strength and mobility of their legs.

Not being able to have ease of mobility is a big reason many senior citizens become depressed in nursing homes. By choosing home health care for your senior parent, you’re allowing your parent to continue their normal lifestyle. Your elderly parent’s dignity will stay intact when they receive senior citizen care in the comfort of their own home.

Save Money for You and Your Parent

Medicare covers many preventative health measures for seniors. However, Medicare only covers the first 20 days of a stay in a skilled nursing home. On average, a nursing home stay costs between $10,000 and $13,000 per month!

If you decide to use home health care services for your parent, you’ll both save a substantial amount of money.

Home health care and home companionship services are rising in America. The trend towards using nursing homes is declining as many elderly and their children simply refuse to continue paying exorbitant nursing home costs.

Home health care provides the elderly care your aging parent truly deserves. Nursing homes cannot compare with the financial, emotional and physical benefits of home health care.