Helping Seniors with Chair Exercises

Anyone can do chair exercises. They can improve flexibility, strength and mobility without putting much stress on the skeletal system. Start helping seniors by demonstrating the following chair exercises. After the demonstration, have them participate.

Pick Apples to Stretch Upper Body

Sit upright in a chair. Place both arms over your head. Pretend you are picking apples with each hand. Stretch as far as possible without feeling pain. When done correctly, you will feel a mild, yet effective, stretch. Enhance the maneuver by stretching your fingers. Do this 10 times.

Stretch with Bands

Workout bands, resistance bands or rubber bands are all the same thing. Physical therapists commonly use these as an exercise tool to strengthen and stretch injured areas. You can use them to stretch your ankles and calves.

Sit upright in a chair. Place the center of a resistance band underneath your right foot. Grab a hold of each band end with a hand. Slowly straighten your leg until you stretch the band. Hold this stretch for 10 seconds. Slowly return to the original position. Relax and repeat with other side.

Strengthen Those Calves

The senior population is more prone to falling, tripping and stumbling due to poor balance. A very simple way to improve balance is by strengthening the ankles. Do this by standing and holding onto the back of a firm chair.

Lift your body weight onto your tiptoes. Hold this position for five seconds. Slowly lower to the original position. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Get a Cardio Workout

Chairs are great tools for helping seniors get a good cardio workout. Demonstrate this sitting upright in a firm chair. Start pretending you are marching. Lift your legs as high as possible to increase the impact. Do this for one minute to start. Slowly increase everyone’s time as strength and endurance increase.

Helping seniors with chair exercises will improve everyone’s mood, health and life.