Helping Seniors Eat a Healthy Meal Plan

Eating healthy is important for everyone, especially seniors. Medications, taste bud alterations, or a simple lack of energy can all result in eating a poor diet. You need to add excitement by using the below suggestions for helping seniors eat a healthy diet.

Use Tempting Spices

Spices can cure any eating deficiency! They can add wonderful smells, beautiful colors and nutrients to an otherwise bland food. Adding some extra turmeric to a white-based sauce will definitely have the food standing out on the serving dish.

Get a spice chart that includes pictures and descriptions. Go to the store and buy some of the more popular spices in whole form. Instead of buying ground nutmeg, buy a whole nutmeg. Many people have never seen this. Buy a cinnamon stick, fresh vanilla bean, and other favorites to enlighten seniors about the original sources. Make it fun!

Use Fresh Herbs

Herbs are another wonderful way to add excitement to food. Herbs are the green part of a plant, whereas a spice is usually the root. Go to your local farmer’s market and buy what it available. Some of the more popular herbs are basil, lemon grass, rosemary, thyme, sage, fennel and dill.

Start replacing salt with fresh herbs. Salt is commonly used in processed foods and has a tendency to mask the taste of food. Salt may be the reason your seniors do not have properly operating taste buds. They have been killed by salt. Do your part by substituting fresh herbs for salt. Once someone smells the sweet delight of basil, they will never view salt the same way again!

Replace Processed Foods with Fresh Foods

Processed foods traditionally contain excessive amounts of additives, fat, calories, sodium, chemicals and other ingredients that might not even be labeled. You know what you’re eating with fresh foods.

With all the things you can do for helping seniors eat a healthier meal plan, it is a shame to waste another day. Get started today and reap the benefits!