Helping Seniors Get Physically Active

Staying physically active as we age is more important than ever. Helping seniors with physical activity improves mobility, reduces pain and enhances everyday life. Below are some easy ways to promote activity.

Do Some Gentle Stretches

Gentle stretches are wonderful for helping seniors with physical activity. Simple stretches like bending forward to touch toes, bending sideways or reaching for the sky will improve circulation and warm up muscles.

Go for a Walk

Walking is the perfect way to get an all-body workout. To receive optimum cardiovascular results, experts recommend walking at a moderately brisk pace. This pace will allow you and your senior to carry on a conversation without being out of breath.

You can start at a leisurely pace for only a few minutes. Depending upon their physical condition, some seniors may only be able to walk a few feet. That is OK. Any exercise is better than none. Go for a walk in a shopping mall, local park or other destination. Just have fun!

Be a Role Model

Everyone loves a role model. They are inspiring, motivational and supportive. Do your part by regularly exercising, discussing how much fun it is and honestly sharing passion for good health.

Enjoy a Reward Afterward

Beginning any new physical activity is a challenge. Reward your participants afterwards with a tasty, healthy snack. Prepare a fresh fruit salad, some freshly baked oatmeal cookies or a nut mix. Be sure to have plenty of water, juice, or other beverage available. Turn it into a social hour to inspire new activity. Everyone will love it!

Hold an Informational Class

Many seniors may be unaware of the harms caused by not being physically active; or, they may know but just don’t care. You can turn this around by holding an informal informational class. Pick up literature from reputable sources discussing the importance of exercising throughout the senior years.

Helping seniors get physically active will benefit everyone. Start doing it now by implementing this article’s advice.