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“Care and Companionship for Those you Love”

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About Us

caregiver with her patient

Company Profile

Better Living Senior Assistance Services is a group of dedicated professionals with the resources and knowledge needed to assist individuals who wish to remain in their own homes but may need assistance with activities of daily living. Most of the cases we handle are seniors who have become comfortable to the idea of spending their golden years in their own residence. Our role is to help them maintain their independence in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their home.

Core Values at Better Living Senior Assistance Services

On a daily basis, we make a conscious effort to apply the core values that have help shaped and expand our company to what it is today.


Our Caregivers provide loving care and companionship to help our clients who stay at home during their golden years. They have a passion for caring plus the skills and commitment to help you remain independent and at home.


You no longer have to ask your neighbors or relatives for assistance. Better Living Senior Assistance Services employs reliable home health care professionals who have made Caregiving a priority. Our caregivers are certified and bonded to practice their profession. They are dependable as they uphold the standards for which Better Living Senior Assistance Services was built upon.


Better Living Senior Assistance Services employs only experienced and compassionate caregivers. Whatever the need, from doing jobs around the house or just providing friendly companionship to all ages, you can count on Better Living Senior Assistance Services. In addition, our caregivers and CNAs are fully screened, trained, and bonded. Year after year, our company renews our commitment to service by being compliant with the quality requirements set by the state of Florida for Home Care and Private Duty Care providers.


Our services are tailored to meet your personal requirements. We’ll work with you and your family to ensure that you have the best care when you need it. Services from Better Living Senior Assistance Services are available 24 hours a day, all seven days of the week. We also respond to service requests as soon as we can. As much as possible, we will confirm schedules for care provision, payment arrangements and other necessary administrative tasks to complete the provision of care. We believe that even in small clerical functions, we’re helping clients find our services with more convenience.


Because you decide when and how often your caregiver visits, you’ll find Better Living Senior Assistance Services affordable and convenient. Senior care services should not be expensive but the quality of care provided should not be reduced in its efficiency, either. We stand counter to the notion that top-notch care is costly. We defy common perceptions in Home Care by standing out and delivering quality affordable home care and private duty care services.

Our Vision

To empower and enable each of our caregivers to succeed in providing services which result in top quality care for each and every one of our clients, thereby creating a positive and lasting impression on both the clients and business partners.

Our Beliefs

senior man with her caregiver in the garden

  • Superior Client Satisfaction
  • Respect
  • Sincerity
  • Courtesy
  • Trust
  • Compassion
  • Flexibility
  • Willing To Listen
  • Integrity

Better Living Senior Assistance Services Contact Information

Please contact us with your questions and concerns. We will also appreciate suggestions from you.