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Four Little Changes At Home That Make Things More Comfortable For Your Elderly Loved Ones

Caring for an elderly loved-one at home is a responsibility that you can make less intimidating by taking care of a few essentials. First of all, you need to limit their number of choices in order to minimize any confusion for them. And it is equally important to take care of the safety aspect. Making the following changes would help to a great extent.

1. Steer clear of mirrors
Too many mirrors around the house can confuse and startle the elderly as they come across their reflection all of a sudden. Stick to just one or two mirrors at a place where they can reach only when they want to.

2. Embrace large number pads
If they enjoy watching the TV or making phone calls to friends and relatives, get them a remote control or dial pad that have boldly printed numbers. The bigger size of the buttons can help them control the pad in a very easy way.

3. Stick to basic clothing colors
The elderly hate to be dictated or being told about what they should wear. And yet, too many colors can confuse them. It is better to keep their wardrobe within a limited range of colors so that they can pick their clothes the way they want to, in a comfortable way, without any help.

4. Buy them a lightweight water pitcher
It is very important that they stay hydrated at all times. So, if you place a light-weight pitcher in an easily accessible spot in the house, they would remember to drink sufficient water through the day. Also, when the pitcher is not heavy, they would be more inclined towards lifting it by themselves instead of getting annoyed every time.

So, help your elderly live a comfortable life by making a few adjustments around the house.

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