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Handling The Three Main Dementia Related Situations In The Elderly

One of the most common problems that comes with aging is poor memory. And in case of seniors suffering from dementia, it only starts to get worse. In such cases, it becomes important to opt for dedicated memory care services that are especially designed for dementia patients.

Memory care is a specialized treatment option under the broader umbrella of assisted senior living. Trained caregivers need to be involved for ensuring the optimum well being of the elderly, so that there can be a reduced occurrence of falls or injuries, fewer visits to the ER, a reduction in the number of violent episodes and so on.

Among the many dementia-related issues, there are three that can be managed quite appropriately if you have a dementia patient at home.

1. Aggression:

It is not uncommon for the elderly to get into a violent fit after they emphatically pursued for something as simple as taking their pills or eating their food but could not do so. The key to prevent aggression in such cases is to patiently talk and understand why they are refusing a certain thing. It may seem illogical to you, but you must keep your calm and work on removing the thing that is bothering them. Remember never to argue!

2. Confusion:

People with dementia may get confused about time and space. You need to be very simple about the explanations you give and relate everything to solid proof like pictures or other tangible reminders. It is all going to be trial and error before you figure out what works best for them.

3. Cognition:

The third common complication could that be of poor cognitive function as they come up with unfounded accusations of being kept in the dark about any random thing or they keep repeating meaningless statements. The solution is to assess the extent of the problem. You should be encouraging and helpful in every little way so that they can feel safe and trusting around you.

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