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Signs You May Need Home Health Care

Many elderly and disabled individuals prefer the independence of living in their own homes. If you or your loved one falls into this category, there are certain signs to look for. Some of the more common signs are discussed below.

Recuperating From a Life Event

Many individuals recuperating from an injury or illness commonly need assistance. Hiring the services of a home health care provider will make life easier. Services can include simple tasks like laundry, ironing and minor household cleaning such as dish washing vacuuming, and grocery shopping.

Difficulty with Daily Activities

You may find there comes a time when performing everyday activities is too difficult, time consuming, and frustrating. Home health care can help. An assistant can accompany you on daily walks, assist with your exercise program, perform errands, menu preparation, cooking, and cleaning. You may also need help with your medications.

Difficulty with Personal Hygiene

A number of personal hygiene tasks can become difficult. This includes shampooing, drying and styling your hair. It can be preparing your bath, washing yourself, helping you dress, applying deodorant, shaving, and other tasks you used to take for granted.

Difficulty Preparing Meals

Meal preparation is a common task performed by home health care workers. This ranges from developing a daily menu, making a list of grocery items and accompanying you to the grocery store. Many clients prefer not going to the store and relying on their home health care provider to do it. The choice is yours.

A home health care provider will give you the option of assisting you with your cooking, serving, food storage, and cleaning duties or you can choose to have your provider do everything for you.

Home health care is not just for the elderly. All ages can benefit from this valuable service. As soon as you notice any of the above signs, contact a reputable home health care provider to discuss your situation. You will be glad you did.

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