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The Importance Of Companionship For The Elderly

Years of study and observation have made us realize the positive impact of companionship. The same gets magnified as a person ages. Multiple intervention strategies, involving the active participation of caregivers and companions, have proven to be crucial for any form of therapy or medication to work for the elderly. There are three key reasons behind that:

  • The feeling of being a part of a community
    Loneliness can trigger plenty of negative thoughts to brood over. That eventually snowball into feelings of being neglected or over thinking of petty issues. On the other hand, engaging with a caregiver or all-day companion can ensure that the elderly pursue their personal interests. They too, like children, need encouragement to engage in activities that make them happy and that encouragement can come only when there is someone around to notice what they like to do. In time, the elderly are able to make new friends or stay connected with the ones who have similar hobbies. All of it gives a boost to their emotional and social well being.
  • Reduction in the risk of losing motor function
    Constant interaction with at least one person can keep an aging mind active which is crucial to prevent it from developing age-related disorders. An at-home companion can provide the necessary conversation to keep the senior minds stimulated, aware and healthy. As they stay positive and busy, their chances of feeling isolated, depressed or stressed in any way keep getting reduced, letting them stay healthy for longer. Besides, a companion can keep the elderly moving and help them get all the exercise that they need.
  • A reduction in the risk of cognitive decline
    When left isolated, a lack of physical touch and interaction can hamper their psyche, leading to irrational fears and lack of confidence that can lead to faster cognitive decline. Companionship can easily prevent these problems by keeping the elderly happy and optimistic at many levels.

Humans need social interaction to thrive and feel a part of the society. They need love, care and support in all stages of life, more so when they are growing up and when they have reached a ripe age. Companionship can help them improve their day to day life by getting involved in a variety of activities and inspires them to take better care of themselves. It gives them the motivation to keeping moving ahead in life, and take control of their situation and leaves no room for feeling dispirited and anxious. Thus, if the elders in your family are spending a lot of time alone and are showing signs of depression and fear of death, it is time to find the right companion who can keep them busy and enhance their quality of life for fruitful golden years.

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