In-Home Health Care

The Benefits of Elderly In-Home Care Services

Sadly, the time comes in everyone’s life when they can no longer be completely self-sufficient. At some point you will have to make the decision whether you or an elderly loved one needs some additional help. While going into a nursing home or an assisted living facility is an option, many people feel more comfortable staying at home and receiving some in-home care. Several benefits exist when it comes to in-home care.

Care is Tailored to Meet Individual Needs

In large assisted living facilities, it’s easy for the needs of the individual to be overlooked, but when a person receives in-home care, it’s their requirements that will be catered to. In-home care providers recognize there are a whole host of reasons why someone might need some extra care. Maybe they have a chronic illness or have just had surgery, or perhaps they simply can’t get around as easily as they used to. A range of services are available, from simple companionship to help with cleaning and cooking to full on health care from registered nurses.  This is why the surging popularity of home health care has sprung into existence.

In-Home Care Reduces Stress

Imagine having to leave the home where you’ve lived for years and made memories, then being asked to squeeze all your belongings into a single room or suite. No wonder that many elderly people get stressed or anxious when they have to move into a residential care facility. In-home care can greatly reduce stress and worry, as it allows people to stay in the homes that they know and love, avoiding making a huge upheaval.

Greater Freedom for the Individual

While assisted living facilities and care homes can be useful for some, they often leave residents feeling trapped. Receiving in-home care means that individuals are able to come and go as they please and make the sorts of decisions in their lives that everyone takes for granted but which are often taken away from people in nursing homes, such as what to have for dinner or when to go to bed. Being able to make these kinds of choices in important to elderly people who may fear losing their dignity.

Easier to Maintain Contact with Friends and Family

It’s often easier to stay in close touch with friends and family when receiving in-home care, as opposed to living in a residential care facility. Since it’s still the home of the person receiving care, it’s theirs to do with as they please. There are no fixed visiting hours and so friends and family can stop by whenever is convenient. This makes it more likely that they’ll be able to maintain regular visits. It’s important for anyone with furry family members, too, as pets are often not allowed to be brought into care homes.

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A number of reasons exist why in-home care is often preferable. Of course, what’s right for one person is not necessarily right for everyone, but many elderly people can get all the help they need from in-home carers, while still maintaining their dignity and independence.