How to Mystery Shop a Home Health Care Provider

Choosing a home health care provider is a major decision. A number of factors come into play. Turning yourself into a mystery shopper will reveal all types of things. Improve your overall success by implementing the below points.

Check Out the Exterior

The exterior of any home health care provider’s facility reveals quite a lot about their level of professionalism, overall reputation and worthiness. Notice whether the grass is cut, and whether the grounds are well maintained and landscaped.

Is the building clean and pleasant to look at? Are signs easy to read? Are garbage cans emptied and clean? Or, are they overflowing with garbage? Take note of all of these items.

Inspect the Interior

Once inside the business, what is your initial impression? Is it welcoming, clean, and professional in appearance? If there is a lobby, do you feel comfortable enough to sit down and read a magazine?

Go into the restrooms. Notice whether they are well maintained, clean, and inviting. Are the towels placed in garbage cans or thrown on the floors? Are the toilets clean or unsanitary? Look at the countertops. Do they look like they are regularly cleaned? Do you see hand washing signs and other required signage? Remember, cleanliness needs to be a crucial factor for any health-related site.

Test the Customer Service

A reputable home health care provider will have excellent customer service. Did someone greet you as you entered the facility? If not, how long did you have to wait for someone to do so? Start a conversation and listen to your intuition.

Feel free to ask questions and gauge the responses you receive. A competent, professional home health care provider will welcome questions and answer in a knowledgeable manner.

There is a reason companies use mystery shoppers to assess overall operations. Use these insider secrets to improve your chances of finding the perfect home health care provider.