When Is the Best Time to Discuss Elderly Care with Your Parents?

Most people do not look forward to discussing elderly care with their parents. After all, you have spent your entire life obeying them, looking up to them and in your adult life, realizing their wisdom. They have always been in your corner, always had the answers you could not seem to find. Therefore, it is unsurprising that most people only begin to think about elderly care when it is already upon them.

Sooner Is Better

According to the Mayo Clinic, discussing elderly care is something that needs to happen sooner rather than later. This seems to be the case for a few reasons. First, you want your parents to play very active roles in determining their own futures. People who are given opportunities to help plan for and make personal choices about their lives tend to be less resistant when it comes time to act on those plans – and much happier to do it as well!

Secondly, as people age, their bodies, minds, and memories tend to weaken. You want to discuss elderly care with your parents long before they lose the mental faculties to make long-term, detailed plans such as where they will live (in a retirement home, in their own home, with one of their children?), who will care for them (a service, an in-home nurse, you?), and what type of care they want.

Possibly most important to your parents’ well-beings – physically, emotionally, and mentally – is that an in-depth discussion about their elderly care occurs before injuries or ailments force you to have to make decisions hastily and without their knowledge, input, or consent.

In Conclusion

It is never easy to talk about plans for elderly care with your loved ones. However, discussing their options and planning far in advance will give your loved ones much greater comfort. Furthermore, knowing their voices have been heard, their needs will be met, and their choices will be honored gives your parents the freedom to concentrate on the things that matter most to them now – family, friends, making great memories, and living every day to the fullest.