Ways Elderly Care Protects Seniors from Fraud

Unfortunately, not everyone in this world is as caring and compassionate towards seniors as they should be. In fact, senior citizens are among the most targeted groups of people for fraud and other forms of financial abuse. Here are some ways that elderly care helps protect patients from individuals who wish to take advantage of them.

Fake Charities – Senior citizens are some of the most generous people, even though they don’t always have a lot of money for themselves. There are groups of people who prey on this generous spirit, and have created bogus charities in order to get older people to give money – or worse – their banking information. This type of scam is illegal and just plain wrong. An elderly care assistant can help check on the legitimacy of charities before the patient gives their money to a scammer.

Unnecessary Upgrades – Even legitimate companies may oversell to people, and older people may be confused by lots of new options. The in-person or phone salesperson can make more money on commission if they sell upgrade options to existing customers. The elderly customer could mistakenly think that it is simply a requirement for them to pay more for a service they don’t really need. Having someone there that is on their side can help avoid unnecessary expense.

Trusted Advice – Whenever there is a question about whether something is legitimate or necessary, it is very helpful for an elderly person to have someone they trust to turn to for advice. A caring assistant will help them in the discernment process and make them feel less vulnerable.

It is important to take care of seniors, and elderly care provides for more than just their physical needs. It is a great help emotionally, mentally, and even financially.